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Safe and non-toxic odour control products that eliminate and sanitise nasty odours. For your home, clothes and artificial lawn. ECOTotal Australia have a odour eliminating solution for you.

ECO Odour Control

Home Odour Control

From: $20.00

Attacks urine, nicotine, garlic, onions, human sweat and airborne emission. Non toxic • Non sensitising • Non irritant

From: $49.00

Refresh is the ultimate choice for permanently removing unpleasant odours. Our everyday lives are filled with a variety of offensive smells – from cigarette smoke (amines) and sweaty (acid) gym clothes to pets and the kitchen rubbish bin (thio compounds) not to mention the odours that build up in your fridge from onions or fish.

From: $49.00

Eliminates nasty odours and sanitises your artificial lawn. Fastest and long lasting. Long storage life. The only non reversible malodour absorber technology on the market.