Australian Owned Company
All our safe and non-toxic cleaning products are made right here in Australia. Your guarantee of quality and pureness.

Safe and non-toxic
cleaning products

All our cleaning products are throughly tested and checked for quality and purity.

Our Refill and Reuse Policy
ECOTotal encourages the reuse and to refill our environmentally friendly containers.

ECOTotal Australia is committed to safe and non-toxic cleaning products for Australia. ECOTotal takes the concepts of non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly very seriously.

ECOTotal products are Australian made and owned. Each product is thoroughly tested and checked for quality and purity. Nothing is taken for granted. The finest ingredients are used in our products to ensure quality and effectiveness.

ECOTotal takes pride in providing safe and non-toxic cleaning products that work for every situation, each and every time. Whether you need an effective cleaner for glass and mirrors, carpet and fabric, tables and chairs or a general multi purpose cleaner, ECOTotal has the right cleaning product you need.

The range of safe cleaning products include a Multi Purpose Cleaner, Lime Scale Remover, Home Odour Eliminator, Table and Chair CleanerCarpet and Fabric CleanerGlass and Mirror CleanerMould and Mildew Cleaner, a Car and Truck Odour Eliminator and many more.

ECOTotal also has a range of odour eliminators for those nasty, hard to get rid of odours in your home and car or truck. Cigarette smoke, urine, sour dairy and decaying organic matter and it will even freshen up your stale air conditioner.

Check out our complete range of cleaners, odour eliminators and the artificial lawn deodoriser, the prices will amaze you and the quality will astound you.

Visit our Online Shop to see our entire range of safe and non-toxic products for every situation.

ECOTotal, for your greener cleaning products.